Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#17 - Lavash Crackers

Lavash Crackers with Kosher Salt

In February of 2008, I took my first bread-making class, from, of course, Peter Reinhart. Of all the breads we made that evening, the crackers were the standout. And these lavash crackers were almost as good as those, but then it is hard to replicate a memory, isn't it?

The only challenge that I worried about was rolling out the dough so that it would be thin enough. I was right to worry. While the end result was not bad, the few that were rolled a bit thinner, were more like a cracker than pita bread. I only used Kosher salt as the topping, and even then only on part of the dough. I liked them both. Next time, I will roll the dough in two batches, which I think will make it easier to achieve a thinner and therefore more crackerlike result.

Before breaking into shards.

I love the irregular shapes. They're like shards of cracker.

Lavash Crackers - The Finished Product

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