Wednesday, February 17, 2010

#18 - Light Wheat Bread

The Finished Loaf Still in the Pan

I am several posts behind in my blogging at this point, and consequently several breads ahead. This light wheat bread is the demarkation for me from the breads going from really good to absolutely fabulous for the next few breads.
I found this bread to be a perfect blend of whole wheat to white flours in terms of taste and texture. Prior to this challenge, I had been making whole wheat breads exclusively, so I have some experience with the challenges of whole wheat flour. While there is a distinct difference in the results between breads using exclusively white flour and whole wheat flour, I believe it is a matter of taste and acclimation. When I first started this challenge, I found myself craving a toothsome hearty slice of my favorite whole wheat country bread, which uses a biga starter and all whole wheat flour (that I grind myself using an electric grain mill, not the hand crank type - I already work out with weights - I don't need any more upper body muscle building).
I was delighted with the results of this bread. Normally, I prefer all white or all whole wheat, but this bread had the best of both: the height and lightness of white, with a hint of whole wheat earthiness. And it made excellent toast - the true test for me.

A Truly Outstanding Loaf of Bread!

Is That not a Great Crumb?

The Perfect Slice

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