Friday, January 7, 2011

#36 - Stollen

Perhaps not a perfect crescent moon shape, but one of the tastiest breads in the challenge.

Now I admit I was not looking forward to making this bread. First of all, it has an ingredient in it that I have detested since childhood - that nasty candied fruit that they put in fruitcake. When I was a kid, the only cake my mother made from scratch was fruitcake. I would get so excited that she was baking, and the ingredients looked so good and smelled so good. And then I would bite into it and be absolutely crestfallen with disappointment - due to - yes, that nasty candied fruit.

I dragged my feet on making bread, but time was running out - my deadline was looming - so I decided to take a leap and use dried cherries instead. I soaked them in rum, used toasted slivered almonds, orange and lemon extracts, and orange zest, and I now had one of my favorite breads in the challenge! It is wonderful hot right out of the oven; the next day; the day after - and makes absolutely spectacular toast.

I will make this bread again and again.

Oh - and I didn't see any reason to use the powdered sugar - it is perfect without it.

In the Oven

The Finished Loaf

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